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Chicks Ahoy!

Bitches that don't crumble

Chicks Ahoy! (ToRD)

Jolly Rogette?


August 8th, 2006


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OK, I finally did it. Chicks Ahoy has a MySpace. It looks mildly crappy but that's because I did it. Marco's gonna make it all shiny and cool. So go and add us!

July 13th, 2006

Friday Practice!

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skate or die
BHello gals!
I bear good news! Thanks to the wonderful Alanna who has been on the phone for I believe 39 out of the last 48 hours trying to sort this out, we are booked for tomorrow!!!
We are at:
The Dome beside Ted Reeve Arena. The address of the arena is 175 Main Street, that's Main & Gerrard ish. We are NOT at the arena, but at the DOME BESIDE the arena! Practice is booked from 8 - 9 but we can arrive as early as 7:30.
Apparantly the dome is quite hot inside, so just to be on the safe side, everyone might wanna bring lots of extra water and juice, etc.
We'll find out tomorrow if we can have this spot for more coming Fridays. So yeah! Indoor practice tomorrow, all set!! Woo hoo!!
Feel free to call or email me with any questions!

July 7th, 2006


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Neither of these two designs is final, but if we need a logo quick, we should figure out which one we're going to change to be like what we want.

This poll is a secret poll (only I can see how you voted, and I'm not going to tell anyone anything!)

Poll #764153 Logo Time

Which logo would you like to see adapted for our team?

Johnny's logo
Cory's logo
I don't like either of these logos.

June 29th, 2006

New poll on the Chicks Ahoy! Yahoo group. Vote on when you can practice this week so we can get another practice going!

April 29th, 2006


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I love that it has to be in the rules...!


April 28th, 2006


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I think Yahoo is "stuck"... I've only been a member of roller_derby for a day and I had about 65 emails in my Yahoo account today only...
And now, nothing new for the last 4 hours... on my first full night as a Derby Girl... with absolutely NOTHING to do...

Bah, time for another beer


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This is the brand-spanking-new community for Chicks Ahoy! team members and their friends, family, and swooning fans.
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